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Spis treści

Pioneer BDR-212S (EN)

Pioneer has once again demonstrated that nowadays it is still possible to design and manufacture high quality, solid equipment. Also, the wide and diverse range of models deserves special distinction and praise for the manufacturer. We highly value the fast, stable and quiet transmission system of the disc tray. The balance of the drive is extremely good. The enclosures are very advanced and refined. The Japanese versions include additional dust curtains and an extremely tight casing. The BDR-S12JX model further includes a carbon tray covered with a special anti-static material. The muted sound level of the drives is also very good.

The reading of all types of test media proceeded quickly and correctly without errors. The correction of audio discs in the DAE Quality and CD DAE tests deserves special attention. Ripping audio tracks with EAC also took place at an acceptable speed. Pioneer designs typically feature an average error correction mechanism typical of Resenas \ NEC chipsets. The tested models in this category get quite average results for all types of media (CD, DVD, BluRay) but are clearly better in comparison with the previous models (Pioneer BDR-211 \ S11). Let's hope that the correction of media reading will be improved with updates to the drive software.

Writing discs - both CD-R / RW and DVD +/- R / + R DL / - + RW or BD-R \ -RE - can be considered very good. All tested media recorded using these latest Pioneer models (BDR-212 \ S12 \ X12) could be successfully read on our test drives as well as in the tested model. The very good recording quality of M-DISC DVD and BluRay media, as well as the quality of writing at high speed (CD x40, DVD x16 and BluRay x12) are noteworthy.

Unfortunately, the most advanced Pioneer models (BDR-S12J \ S12JX) will only be available in Japan. The cheaper and simpler versions of the Pioneer BDR-212 \ S12 are intended for other markets.

We invite you to visit our topics dedicated to the above discussed models, available on our forum:

Pioneer BDR-S12J-BK / BDR-S12J-X / BDR-212
Pioneer BDR-X12JBK / BDR-X12J-UHD

Pros +:
- a large range of BluRay \ BluRay XL \ BluRay UHD 4K models
- available or announced X12 USB external models
- support for UHD / 4K Bluray playback in many models
- many additional useful functions and options in S12 models
- PureRead
- CD Check in BDR-S12JX model
- full support for M-Disc DVD and BluRay
- SATA 3 controller
- many available gears \ write speeds
- very good CD \ DVD \ DVD DL \ BD \ BD DL writing quality
- very good reading and transfer
- Pioneer BD Drive Utility supporting selected models
- additional and basic application software on CD added in all BOX versions, with instructions
- solid construction and very well made models with good quality

Cons -:
- disc quality testing is only allowed for CD and DVD - + R 4.7GB, and there is poor cooperation with all testing programs
- traditionally expensive and very difficult to access Japanese models (S12J \ S12JX) and limited availability of other models
- traditional problems with reading and writing of 870MB CD-Rs

czary2mary & jadburner & blackened2687



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