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Zapoznaj się z historią programu i ostatnimi zmianami:
Wersja 3.14 z 2011/03/21
    · New keyboard shortcuts: F5: compare F6: synchronize · Skip to next folder pair if fatal error occured (instead of abort) · Reload last selected configuration on startup · Abort with error when copying to empty directory field · Full log information after comparison (including file transfer) · Check read access for source file before overwriting target · Fixed possible application crash after comparison · Fixed possible network freeze when comparing · Maximum number of logfiles can be specified · Don't condense whitespace when loading XML configuration · RealtimeSync: Put executable name in quotes when parsing *.ffs_batch file · Large program icons - 256 x 256 · Handle daylight saving time(DST) on FAT network shares · Skip DST handling if drive does not support accurate file times · Many small GUI/usability fixes · Added Korean translation
Wersja 3.13 z 2011/01/17
  • Implemented Advanced User Interface to allow user specified layout customizations
  • Process case sensitive file/directory/symlink names
  • Synchronize name/attributes only avoiding full copy if appropriate
  • Prevent hibernation/sleep mode during comparison and synchronization
  • New database format: single file for FreeFileSync 32 and 64 bit versions
  • full sync suggested before migrating to v3.13
  • old sync.x64.ffs_db files may be deleted
  • Improved algorithm to calculate remaining time
  • Allow resizing window containing multiple folder pairs
  • Show folder short names in column file name
  • Correctly report message "nothing to sync" in batch mode
  • Fixed loading correct maximized position on multi-screen desktop
  • RealtimeSync: Removed blank icons in ALT-TAB list during execution of commandline
  • Show RealtimeSync job name as systray tooltip
  • Last used configurations as sorted list without size limitation
  • Remove redundant configuration when merging multiple ffs_gui/ffs_batch files
  • Warning if folder is modified that is part of multiple folder pairs
  • Aggregated warning messages for all folder pairs instead of one per pair
  • Added privilege to access restricted symlink content
  • Added Greek translation
Wersja 3.12 z 2010/10/29
  • Allow empty folder pairs without complaining
  • Automatically exclude database and lock files from all (sub-)directories (not only from base)
  • Resize grid columns on both sides in parallel
  • Search via CTRL + F and F3 now as global hotkeys
  • Fully portable use of directory locking (Windows 32/64 bit)
  • RealtimeSync: Treat missing network path the same as missing local path
  • Show current job name during synchronization (batch/gui)
  • Allow copying dereferenced (=followed) directory Symlinks over network share
  • Fail to copy Symlinks (=direct) over network share instead of silently creating empty folder (Windows XP)
  • Copy NTFS junctions as Symlinks (avoiding permission checks)
  • RealtimeSync: ignore request for device removal on network mapped drives
  • Fixed moving buttons in synchronization dialog
  • Allow deleting currently selected item from list of last used folders (not before wxWidgets 2.9.1)
  • Avoid losing focus after manually deleting a file
  • Preserve custom changes to sync directions after manually deleting a file
  • Updated translation files
Wersja 3.10 z 2010/09/21
  • Automatically solve daylight saving time and time zone shift issues on FAT/FAT32 (finally)
  • Instantly resolve abandoned directory locks associated with local computer
  • Show expanded directory name as tooltip and label text (resolves macros and relative paths)
  • Do not copy relative file attributes for base target directories that are created implicitly
  • Move dialogs by clicking (almost) anywhere
  • RealtimeSync: ignore request for device removal on Samba shares
  • Added UTF-8 BOM for CSV export
  • Correctly handle window position on multi-screen desktop
  • Disabled warning "database not yet existing"
  • RealtimeSync: replaced delay by minimum idle time
  • Maximum number of folder pairs configurable via GlobalSettings.xml (XML node )
  • Added tooltips to display long filenames on main grid
  • Keep application responsive when deleting large directories
  • Vista/Windows 7: harmonize modification times shown on main grid with Windows Explorer
  • Changed background color to avoid unreadable texts in combination with certain color themes
  • Toggle middle grid comparison result/sync preview with right mouse button click
  • Further GUI enhancements/polishment/standard conformance
  • Updated translation files
Wersja 3.9 z 2010/08/10
  • Advanced locking strategy to allow multiple processes synchronize the same directories (e.g. via network share)
  • Merge multiple *.ffs_batch, *.ffs_gui files or combinations of both via drag & drop Copy file and folder permissions (requires admin rights):
  • Windows: owner, group, DACL, SACL
  • correctly handle Symbolic Links
  • new option in global settings
  • Compare by content evaluates Symbolic Links
  • 32-Bit build compiled with MinGW/GCC to preserve Windows 2000 compatibility
  • RealtimeSync: Handle requests for device removal (USB stick) while monitoring
  • Sort by filesize: group symlinks before directories
  • Added macros %week%, %month%, %year% for creating time-stamped directories
  • Touch database file when changes occured only
  • Moved settings "file time tolerance" and "verify copied files" to GlobalSettings.xml
  • Updated translation files
Wersja 3.8 z 2010/06/21
  • New options handling Symlinks: ignore/direct/follow => warning: new database format for mode
  • Fixed crash when starting sync for Windows XP SP2
  • Prevent tooltip from stealing focus
  • Show associated file icons (Linux)
  • Run folder existence checks in separate thread (faster network share access)
  • Write mode database file even if both sides are already in sync
  • Don't raise status dialog to the top after synchronisation
  • Embedded version information into executable (Windows)
  • Migrated Compiler to Visual C++ 2010 (Windows)
  • Avoid losing manual changes when excluding via context menu
  • Adjusted auto-updater web-address
  • Updated translation files
Wersja 3.7 z 2010/05/17
  • RealtimeSync: Trigger commandline only if all directories are existing
  • Allow for drag and drop of very large files
  • Batch modus: New "Switch" button opens GUI modus when warnings occur
  • Support copying old 8.3 filenames correctly
  • Handling of Symbolic Links configurable via GUI
  • Fine tuned calculation of remaining disk space for custom deletion directories
  • Save default config files only if actually changed
  • NSIS installer: Support for /D and /S switches
  • Fixed resource loading if installation folder is not working directory (Linux build)
  • Consolidated batch creation dialog
  • mode: Detect conflict when a directory shall be deleted while new sub-elements are to be copied
  • Automatically mark left behind temporary files (*.ffs_tmp) for deletion with next sync
  • New Project website:
  • A lot of small GUI fixes
  • Updated translation files
Wersja 3.5 z 2010/04/18
  • Allow mode syncs between 32 bit, 64 bit, Windows and Linux builds
  • Show progess indicator in window title
  • Support for progess indicator in Windows 7 Superbar
  • Reduced progress indicator flicker
  • Prevent silent batch mode from taking keyboard focus
  • Improved error messages (loading/saving/copying files)
  • Improved environment variable tolerance: strip blanks and double-quotes
  • RealtimeSync: Fixed crash when double-clicking systray icon
  • Allow aborting all operations via Escape key
  • Added British English translation
Wersja 3.4 z 2010/03/05
  • Performance: Reduced Recycle Bin access time by 90%
  • Recycle Bin support for Linux
  • Performance: Reduced binary comparison sequential read time (by up to 75% for CD/DVD access)
  • Improved synchronization sequence to avoid disk space shortage: overwrite large files by small ones first
  • Fixed problems with file renaming on Samba share
  • New free text grid search via shortcuts CTRL + F and F3
  • Show number of processed files at end of synchronization
  • New optional grid column: file extension
  • New comparison category icons
  • Fixed handling sync-config of first folder pair
  • Allow moving main dialog by dragging client area instead of title bar only
  • Enhanced helpfile: Run RealtimeSync as Service
  • Prefix logfiles with name of batchjob
  • Fixed GUI right-to-left mirroring for locales Hebrew and Arabic
  • Portable version: save configuration in installation folder
  • Many small GUI enhancements
  • Updated translation files
Wersja 3.3 z 2010/02/02
  • New installer package for portable/local/32/64-bit versions
  • Built-in support for very long filenames: apply \\?\-prefix automatically
  • New button for synchonization preview: show equal files
  • RealtimeSync: Respond to directory or volume arrival, e.g. USB stick insert
  • Start comparison automatically when double-clicking on *.ffs_gui files
  • Visual progress indicator for sys-tray icon
  • Fixed string comparison for '' and 'ss' (all Windows versions)
  • Fixed general string comparison for Windows 2000
  • Significantly faster file icon loading
  • Applied new IFileOperation interface for recycle bin (Windows >= Vista)
  • Patched mode to handle FAT32 2-second file time precision
  • Play optional sound after comparison: "Compare_Complete.wav"
  • Allow environment variables for logfile-directory
  • Enhanced conflict reporting
  • Added Swedish translation
  • Updated translation files
Wersja 3.2 z 2009/12/14
  • Native Windows 64-Bit version (including Volume Shadow Copy Service)
  • Harmonized filter handling: global and local file filters
  • Unified handling of first folder pair: all pairs now semantically equal
  • Use environment variables within directory names (e.g. %USERNAME%)
  • New keyboard shortcuts to set sync-direction: ALT +
  • Allow copying to non-encrypted target directory
  • Fixed sort by filename
  • Fixed GDI resource leak when scrolling large grids
  • Fixed string comparison for '??' and 'ss' (Windows >= Vista)
  • Faster file icon loading
  • Remove elements in folder dropdown list via DEL key
  • New integrated help file
  • Play optional sound after synchronization: "Sync_Complete.wav"
  • Several GUI/usability improvements
  • Created package for
  • Added Finnish translation
  • Updated translation files
Wersja 3.1 z 2009/10/26
  • Support for multiple datasources in Automatic mode
  • Copy file and folder create/access/modification times when synchronizing
  • Progress dialog can be minimized to systray (Batch and GUI mode)
  • Allow switching between silent/non-silent batch mode interactively
  • Some GUI improvements
Wersja 3.0 z 2009/10/17
  • Consolidated batch mode error handling
  • Fixed crash when comparing multiple pairs by content
  • Fixed calculation of remaining objects
  • Fixed swapping grids
  • Show scanned files when traversing with filter enabled
  • New default filter values
  • New macros %time%, te% for creating time-stamped directories
  • Avoid corrupted data when program is terminated unexpectedly
  • Prevent deletion when source-directory (temporarily) is not accessible
  • Native Unicode support for Linux build
  • Added Romanian translation
  • Added Turkish translation
  • Updated translation files