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Zapoznaj się z historią programu i ostatnimi zmianami:
Wersja 3.16.19 z 2010/08/17
  • Turned off all subprocess threading on win32/win64 systems. This should result in the deadlock issue being fixed
  • Percent complete is turned to pulsebars in this release because of the threads being turned off
Wersja 3.16.18 z 2010/05/24
  • Updated cygwin from 1.5 to 1.7
Wersja 3.16.6 z 2010/03/20
  • Buttons in main window now has a border, like all other buttons
  • Desktop launcher now shows a much more HIG-compliant description
  • Pressing RETURN key in Title properties and Create disc dialogs has the same effect than the Accept button
Wersja 3.16.0 z 2010/02/08
  • Added support for two-pass encoding (thanks to Gustavo Sanchez)
  • Added support for 64bit Windows
  • Fixed a bug when importing old .devede files
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to manually choose the aspect ratio
  • Allows to change the final volume
  • Now remembers the last output directory used, and the last subtitle language and codepage
  • Added support for UTF-16 subtitles
  • Autodetects ASCII, UTF-8 and UTF-16 subtitles
  • Allows to create DVDs without menu
  • Check if there's a /, | orin the file name
  • Allows to force the subtitles by default
  • Flush stdout and stderr at end, so it should finally allow to have full debugging info
  • Several bugfixes for Windows version (thanks to Peter Gill)
Wersja 3.15.1 z 2009/11/29
  • Fixed a bug when the program can't write the subtitle's XML file
  • Added Miguel Bouzada to the list of translators
Wersja 3.15.0 z 2009/11/28
  • Added -loop 1 in mplayer commands to avoid problems when the user has a mplayer.config file
  • Changed shape of the main window to better fit wide screens
  • Added support for OGG/Vorbis for menu sound
  • Added new backgrounds (Thanks to Ben)
  • Support for RMVB file extension
  • Preview button now can hide the icon when global preferences says it
  • When creating a DivX, if Default resolution is selected, won't touch size, nor aspect ratio, nor add bars
  • Updated translation to French
  • Updated translation to Galician
  • Translation to Tradicional Chinese
  • Support for filenames with double quotes (thanks to Christian)
  • Allows to split a film in two disks in SVCD and CVD, not only in VCD
Wersja 3.14.0 z 2009/11/15
  • Now doesn't add black bars when creating an NTSC disc from an 720x480 file without ASPECT RATIO parameter embedded
  • Allows to repack a file as MPEG-PS without recompress the streams (useful to work with VOB files)
  • Allows to swap the field order in interlaced videos
  • Allows to change the subtitle's font size
  • Now supports subtitle filenames with XML-reserved characters
  • Supports all picture types for menu backgrounds (not only PNG)
  • Now removes previous preview files if they already existed, when using LN
  • Fixed free disk space calcule in Windows 2000 and the SetPriority function (thanks to Peter Gill)
  • Adjusted the media sizes to ensure that the ISOs always will fit in the disc
  • Now doesn't hangs when adding a video file in an unknown format