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Download » dyski-twarde-(hdd)-boot-manager » EasyBCD » historia

Zapoznaj się z historią programu i ostatnimi zmianami:
Wersja 2.0.3 z 2010/08/03
  • EasyBCD will crash if an operation that it expected to take a long time finishes instantly
  • EasyBCD crashes if you attempt to save entry settings with no entry selected
  • Cannot add multiple WIM entries
  • EasyBCD crashes if Segoe UI is corrupt
  • EasyBCD options dialog crash on international computers that don't support mm\dd\yyyy format
  • EasyBCD crashes if an invalid path to a WinPE image is specified
  • EasyBCD doesn't show actual DEP, SafeMode, Pae in Advanced Settings
  • EasyBCD crashes if an invalid path to a VHD image is specified
  • EasyBCD crashes if corrupt WinPE entry with no ramdisk is present
  • EasyBCD crashes if adding a WinPE or VHD entry fails in the AddWindowsVista stage
  • Crash removing NeoGrub immediately after adding it
  • Crash if bcdedit output contains null character
  • EasyBCD crashes if bcd timeout is greater than 10000
  • Improved boot.ini partition detection
  • Use BootGrabber to set active partition instead of relying on diskpart
  • Try to get partition information from bootsector, not just partition ID
  • Select correct disk for boot-partition related operations when editing external BCD
  • Update GRLDR to 0.4.5b-2010-07-25
  • Handle IO Exceptions in creation of NTLDR/EasyLDR
  • Ignore exceptions when deleting stub loaders
  • BootGrabber /setactive switch
Wersja 2.0.1 z 2010/07/13
  • Crash if detailed mode set to default startup
  • Crash if closing EasyBCD during middle of CreateHandle call
  • EasyBCD crashes due to incorrect BootGrabber output w/ Reserved Partitions (id 0x74)
  • Crash when adding Bios Extender entry under certain circumstances
  • Viewing documentation after adding DOS entry crashes EasyBCD
  • btnSaveSettings is sometimes enabled when no entry is selected
  • Change Boot Drive will crash EasyBCD if there's only one partition available for selection
Wersja 2.0 z 2010/07/12
  • Reset BCD Storage incorrectly claims "No Valid Entries"
  • Incorrect window title for Reset BCD Storage -> Select Vista Drive
  • EasyBCD is limited to hiding 100MB of memory
  • If only one entry, adding a second does not refresh list
  • NeoGrub Error 17 on certain FS layouts
  • Unexpected behavior if {bootmgr} "device" property is missing
  • Some tabs are missing from the list of tabs to startup EasyBCD on
  • EasyBCD may crash if you attempt to remove an entry whose chainloader does not exist
  • EasyBCD may crash if {bootmgr} is not present
  • EasyBCD crashes under limited user accounts on pre-Vista systems
  • "Change Settings" page doesn't list nor update drive letters for WinPE entries properly
  • EasyBCD crashes on bootmanager partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume*
  • WinPE and VHD items entries don't work with space in path name
  • EasyBCD doesn't work if no timeout key
  • If bootmgr ID is not {bootmgr}, entry list is blank
  • {bootmgr} device id isn't correctly set to "boot" on BCD reset
  • EasyBCD crashes if path key is not present in the Advanced Options screen
  • Detailed View hangs bcdedit.exe /v when certain custom entries are present
  • EasyBCD and bcdedit deadlock if bcdedit output is too long
  • Fix issues with NST Downloader in setup & EasyBCD
  • EasyBCD is not on top after UAC dialog
  • EasyBCD doesn't show an error message after failed backup or restore
  • EasyBCD doesn't detect if iReboot is installed correctly
  • Adding a WinPE entry to an empty store fails
  • EasyBCD crashes when (re-)selecting current system store
  • Certain calls to File.Copy result in crash because the destination already exists
  • Remove all WMI dependencies
  • Show boot drive on the easy-read screen
  • TinyURL-ify text links in message dialogs
  • Update to Windows Vista SP1 BCD code
  • Change default font to Calibri
  • Rewritten OS X support
  • Clarify when the drive for Windows entries will be auto-determined
  • Ship with the DevNet Update Checker module
  • Enhanced Windows XP chainloading
  • Only show fixed drives in the Recovery prompts
  • Improvements to the default naming scheme for new entries
  • Fix alignment of certain controls on "Add/Remove Entries" page
  • Boot OS X as an EFI-Based Linux Distro
  • Repair OS X Bootsectors for Chainloading Support
  • Improved Bootdevice Detection
  • Failure to locate valid BCD now has advanced options
  • No need to remove NeoGrub from own section
  • Full Windows 7 Support
  • Ability to chainload GRUB from the MBR in addition to the bootsector
  • General Usability Improvements
  • Improved handling of non-letter {bootmgr} drives
  • Ability to pick default boot drive for EFI OS X booting
  • EasyBCD support for WinPE 2.0 WIM on Boot Partition
  • Smart menu.lst searching
  • "Save EasyBCD Settings" should default to a My Documents location
  • Full ext4fs Support
  • Improved MBR repair
  • Support the new Windows 7 bootscreen
  • Improved WIM Handling
  • Improved handling of modifying BCD on external drives
  • Improved support for multiple WIM images with different bootloader menu names
  • Attempt to copy Boot.sdi from Windows\System32 first
  • Top-level BCD integration with NeoGrub entries
  • Dis-allow selection of "Drive x" entries in Linux drive menu
  • Add option to select installation directory
  • Get drive list in separate thread
  • Create BCD store from scratch on BCD reset
  • Redesign Layout
  • Use events for communication between BCD Library and UI
  • Use intelligent units for size of partitions
  • Improve performance of NST Downloader
  • EasyBCD needs to show a "loading" indicator instead of hanging for lengthy operations
  • No longer create .LOG .LOG1 and .LOG2 files after backup/restore
  • Update status bar text for more actions
  • EasyBCD will run in limited mode if no BCD is loaded
  • Fix EasyBCD support for higher DPI (> 96) display modes
  • Use standard App Paths in registry
  • Remove TweakVI
  • Disable resize of SdiMaker dialog
  • Revise usage of "Windows Vista" in EasyBCD to reflect Windows 7 support
  • Remove un-used DriveSelect_Numerical class
  • Explicitly label HFS+ drives in drop-down menus
  • EasyBCD should no longer rewrite the MBRs of other disks
  • Clean up Windows flag
  • Highlight selected page's button
  • Use NST Link Manager for weblinks to prevent broken URIs
  • Support separate /boot partition for auto-finding GRUB on RedHat/Fedora
  • Scan more locations for GRUB menu file
  • Support for adding safe mode Vista entries
  • Full DOS/Win9x support, including the generation of bootsect.dos
  • NeoGrub support for `uuid` command
  • Boot from VHD File
  • Automate the changing of boot drives
  • Automatic (re)Configuration of Boot.ini
  • Automatically copy NTLDR and NTDETECT to correct location
  • PLoP Integration
  • GRUB2 Support
  • Feature to create external boot media
  • New feature to recreate boot files
  • Support for booting from ISO images
  • EasyBCD BIOS Extender
  • Allow multiple NeoGrub-based automatic entries
  • Add events to BCD Library
  • Warn users when writing the XP MBR if not in expert mode
  • Add option to skip the boot menu
  • Add option to save EasyBCD backup path
  • EasyBCD will ask for confirmation if exiting with no entries in the list
  • EasyBCD will delete all entries upon BCD reset
  • Add support for changing entry locale
  • Add easy way to re-load system store after manually selecting a BCD
  • Allow backup/restore of non-system BCD stores
  • Make EasyBCD fully portable
  • Link to Vista/7 Recovery Disc downloads from Useful Utilities
  • Display path of current BCD store in "View Settings" for portable entries
  • Top-Level Windows XP entries