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Zapoznaj się z historią programu i ostatnimi zmianami:
Wersja 11.01.07 z 2011/01/09
  • Added - Support for LPCM13824Kbps, LPCM6912Kbps, LPCM2304Kbps, LPCM1536Kbps and DTS-HD HR 2073Kbps
  • Added - Untouched for all LPCM and True-HD streams.
  • Added - Around 500 new formulas, AVCHDCoder now supports over 2000 audio combinations.
  • Fixed - If you search for a movie with the "Search Movie" feature and the title contains a $ sign then AVCHDCoder freezes after hitting the "Use selected movie" button
  • Fixed - Converting WMV with dbPoweramp R14 resulted in an error. R13 worked fine.
  • Fixed - MKV remux mode resulted in an error.
  • Updated - ImgBurn to
Wersja 10.09.12 z 2010/09/13
  • Fixed - Multiple bugs in the Movie Search screen. Searching movies works a lot better now.
  • Fixed - 1080p25 was visible at the Advanced Tab by accident. It is now removed because it is an invalid format.
  • Fixed - Broken subtitles if: Source is a Seamlessly Branched Blu-ray Disc and you added a srt or ass with HQ Subs enabled.
  • Fixed - In some cases a pgs subtitles slowly goes out of sync.
  • Fixed - Sometimes BDSup2Sub creates bad output. This only applies if the PGS sup file was from a Blu-ray disc. AVCHDCoder converted them unnecessary. The result was that the output duration extended with a couple hours. This problem is still there if you resize a BluRay to 720p, only in a small number of cases. (Earth, 9th Company)
  • Added - A brand new Update mechanism. It's the Advanced Installers update feature. Now you can automatically download new updates.
  • Added - I rented a new virtual server to serve new updates.
  • Added - You can now save the log to a file. Open up the Log panel under Tools to save a log file.
  • Added - A videocropper for Standard Definition material.
  • Added - beta AVI support.
  • Updated - Calculating the addBorders method for SD metarial is improved.
  • Updated - ImgBurn to
Wersja v10.08.08 z 2010/08/09
  • Updated - Encoding profiles updated, they were outdated and now they are more
  • Blu-ray/AVCHD compliant. Also reduces encoding time with 5-15% on all profiles/speeds.
  • Added - Video remux mode. Only available in some cases.
  • Added - Second menu pack (For registered users only)
  • Added - An 'Advanced' option when you choose the output resolution in the 'select streams' tab. You can choose output resolution/framerate and avisynth behaviour for the selection.
  • Added - Import and Export the settings (currently not the Subtitles presets)
  • Fixed - When you add a whitespace at the end of a title in the output tab will result in errors while converting.
  • Fixed - Frame doubling caused the output to run too fast. (This is used in camcorders)
  • Fixed - Unknown subtitles streams are visible in the Streams tab. Selecting them will result in an error.
  • Fixed - If source duration is too long and you selected LPCM audio it will result in an error.
  • Fixed - If your source is Blu-ray and you selected a playlist that contains multiple items (SBD) the duration in the Streams tab is wrong.
  • Possible fix - Sometimes the disc created is a little bit too big. (about 5MB) X264 causes the problem.
  • Upgraded - Select Streams tab: translation, audio delay is now added and a small change in appearance.
  • Upgraded - You can now select by default more streams. Previous version only 1 default stream could be selected.
  • Changed - HQ
  • Changed - Settings will now be saved in a file instead of the windows registry. This upgrade will not lose any settings. The settings from the registry will be converted.
  • Changed - Settings are now split into 3 new settings windows: Settings, Preset editor and ffdshow.
  • Changed - Behaviour of the 'Search movie' panel is changed.
  • Changed - Behaviour of the Settings panel is changed.
  • Changed - The help section for selecting the number of threads is changed. It wasn't clear for people on how to use it.
  • Updated - x264.exe to r1683
  • Updated - ffdshow x86 to r3517 and x64 to r3507
Wersja 10.05.21 z 2010/05/23
  • Added - After adding a disc to the queue a project file will be saved. If you reboot your pc or something else happens you can easily open the saved project file.
  • Fixed - Borders were added if source was 1440x1080 16:9
  • Fixed - Audio and or subtitles errors if source was .m2ts/.mts/.ts or .mp4
  • Fixed - If source has subs and or audio with a negative delay and you were converting in 64 bit mode you did get a encoding error. For now it will switch to 32 bit encoding so it doesn't fail.
  • Fixed - Entering serialnumbers didn't always work correctly.
  • Fixed - Double clicking on a .acp file (AVCHDCoder Project File) while AVCHDCoder wasn't running yet resulted that the .acp file wasn't added to the queue.
  • Fixed - It was possible to add the same acp file multiple times to AVCHDCoder. Now this is impossible. (Old .acp files can still be added multiple times if you don't resave the queue)
Wersja 10.05.11 z 2010/05/12
  • Added - Search for movie information on and extract it's information for use in the introeditor: Basic information like Genre and Countries but also backdrops and posters.
  • Added - Use an introsound in the intro movie (Feature for people which left/leave a donation aka donation required)
  • Added - Use a different menu style. Other styles are delivered as seperate download packs. Currently 1 alternative menu available. (Without my website url) (Feature for people which left/leave a donation aka donation required)
  • Added - Change visibility for the background video from 0-100%. (Feature for people which left/leave a donation aka donation required else you are only be able to select a visibility from 0-50%)
  • Added - Add more streams of the same subtitles stream for external subs. (Previously this was only possible for internal subtitles)
  • Added - Native 64 bit encoding. 64 bit Operating System required. Installation is explained in the Installation Guide. Added - Test if your 64 bit decoders are working properly. (Decoder Tester)
  • Added - Serial number support. Had to add it for people which left/leave a donation.
  • Added - MP4 support, Internal subtitles not supported (yet)
  • Added - Better workflow when adding subtitles multiple times.
  • Added - .ts and .mts support.
  • Added - Wrong file extension detection (and fixing). When your file has a wrong extension it was possible that errors occured or you were not be able to hear any audio in the result.
  • Added - Saving and opening AVCHDCoder project files. (.acp) Double clicking on an acp file and it will be added to the queue.
  • Added - Save a job to a custom location.
  • Fixed - tsMuxer values: ger --> deu, fre --> fra, rum --> rom
  • Fixed - default High Quality checkbox in Settings didn't work. HQ/NQ converting itself did work, just the settings.
  • Fixed - Some more chapter problems (There are still some problems with it but just hit Reset Chapters if you get an error)
  • Fixed - Specific bug: When all jobs are done and you hit Start again then AVCHDCoder was going wild. A restart of AVCHDCoder was required.
  • Fixed/Changed - Pause/Resume images on butten inverted.
  • Changed - "Test System Configuration" renamed to "Decoder Tester".
  • Updated - Dutch, German and Italian translations.
  • Updated - x264 to r1583 (
  • Updated - ffdshow to r3426
  • Updated - ImgBurn to
Wersja 10.02.01 z 2010/02/01
  • Possible introduction of a major issue. CoreAVC will let AVCHDCoder hang (Not responing) when CoreAVC is registered and in use as decoder. Un-Register and use ffdshow to fix the problem. CoreAVC's authors will be contacted by me.
  • Fixed - AC3 to AC3 or True-HD Core to AC3 conversion failed.
  • Fixed - WMV bug - introduced in 09.12.06
  • Fixed - 1440x1080 with an AR of 16:9: Borders were added. Now it will be resized to 1920x1080.
  • Fixed - 24fps movie went out of sync - introduced in 09.12.06
  • Fixed - ASS/SSA subs as source were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed - Multiple cosmetic fixes in Queue
  • Fixed - Some 4:3 SD sources where stretched. Now Aspect Ratio will be kept.
  • Fixed - No message if there are unsupported characters in the path. (Allowed: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, &, . and whitespace) Posible future fix: Allowing other characters like , etc. Problem lies in the batch scripts in combination with Encoding problems. But now a nice error will pop up.
  • Fixed - Sources with a negative audio delay went out of sync. Now black frames will be inserted. (Doesn't work for all sources with this problem)
  • Fixed - "strange" resolutions where not converted correctly
  • Added - High Quality Subtitles conversion (avs2bdnxml + avisynth + vsfilter + bdsup2sub). Normal Quality Subtitle Conversion with tsMuxer is still possible.
  • Added - LPCM support: LPCM to AC3 (M2TS, TS and Blu-ray only and LPCM cannot be kept yet)
  • Added - In the introeditor you can now: Keep aspect ratio, Zoom, Stretch an image.
  • Added - In the introeditor you can now add an image as overlay on top on the introvideo. Select between 12.5, 25, 37.5 and 50% visibility
  • Added - Default subtitles preset can be set.
  • Added - Default encoding speed can be set.
  • Added - You now can select the number of Threads that will be used for subtitle conversion (Only applies to ASS/SSA and SRT to PGS conversions)
  • Added - Move an item up or down after you added the item to the disc.
  • Added - Limitation of number of characters in Title. (UDF volume label limit)
  • Added - You can now launch usefull applications via AVCHDCoder.
  • Added - You can now see how much time an item in the Queue took.
  • Added - 64bit encoding. It is not tested well for now and should only be used for testing. Only x264 is in 64 bit.
  • Changed - Preview button now gives you a full scale preview of the introimage. (Just 1 frame)
  • Changed - Replaced the Remove All button with an Add button.
  • Changed - Settings and Log are moved to the menu's. The main screen will now only contains Input, Select Streams, Output and Queue
  • Changed - AVCHDCoder now works partially on Process Id's. Example: Pauze while encoding only pauses x264.exe that AVCHDCoder started.
  • Changed - PGS sup conversion is now done with BDSup2Sub
  • Updated - ffdshow to rev3222 (Manual Install)
  • Updated - Win7DSFilterTweaker to v2.6 (Manual Install)
  • Updated - ssatosrt to R3
  • Updated - BDSup2Sub to 4.0.0
Wersja 09.12.06 z 2009/12/07
  • Fixed - Panasonic playback issues
  • Fixed - Some playback issues
  • Fixed - When fps was spoofed the output went out of sync
  • Fixed - Audio delay will be copied to output. (Now it doesn't go out of sync because the delay will be copied)
  • Fixed - Expected bitrate for 2 channel audio (192Kbit), DTS calculation was used.
  • Fixed - Chapters bug
  • Fixed - Some BDMV folder issues
  • Fixed - Some Output Panel issues
  • Added - "--nal-hrd" option to the X264 command line to provide better Blu-ray compatibility
  • Added - Brand new intro
  • Added - A brand new Intro Editor
  • Added - Brand new menu's
  • Added - MP2 and MP3 input audioformat.
  • Added - XVID/DIVX as input codec.
  • Added - Option in the menu to delete all temp files.
  • Added - A ffdshow Settings panel where you can change the preferred decoders. Also the Subtitles option in ffdshow can be disabled with it.
  • Added - Hebrew translation (Except settings) Needs some more fixing. Thanx to Omer Maayan.
  • Changed - Settings will now be stored in the Registry instead of a txt file.
  • Updated - Almost all settings are translated now
  • Updated - x264 to r1352 (Switched to Jeeb's build:
  • Updated - ffdshow to rev3136 (Manual Install)
  • Updated - Win7DSFilterTweaker to v2.2 (Manual Install)
Wersja v09.10.02 z 2009/10/04
  • Fixed - Iso/Folder default selection setting doesn't work
  • Fixed - Wrong encoding settings in Queue panel
  • Fixed - No Splash screen
  • Fixed - interlaced encoding doesn't work (got broke in v09.09.09)
  • Fixed - Setting the path to the root of a harddrive caused a double \
  • Added - Vorbis/OGG audio support (Experimental)
  • Added - Check system configuration. Test if H264/VC1/MPEG2 will be converted to H264.
  • Updated - Win7DSFilterTweaker to v1.8 (Manual Install)
Wersja 09.09.25 z 2009/09/26
  • ***WARNING***
    I packed AVCHDCoder with a new installer. Please uninstall old version to prevent double listing in the Control Panels Programs list. And to be 100% safe: move the files in the default output folder to another location. (Only for default location: C:/Users//Documents/AVCHDCoder/Output) ***END WARNING***
  • Fixed - AVCHDCoder cannot be pinned to taskbar.
  • Fixed/Updated - Wrong version of Win7DSFilterTweaker, VC-1 streams cannot be decoded: errorcode 0x0401. With version 1.6 of the DirectShow Tweaker VC-1 streams are working again on windows 7.
  • Added - Trayicon. (For now only with the possibility to Show/Hide and Exit AVCHDCoder. No process information yet)
  • Added - 64bit version of AVCHDCoder. exe only. Java JRE1.6 64bit required. You need to manually create a shortcut to the 64 bit exe. Added - new Audio input formats. FLAC and AAC. Both formats will be converted to AC3
  • Added - when input audio is 2 channel the AC3 bitrate will be 192kbit. For 6 channel AC3 384/448/640 kbit
  • Added - Vorbis audio detection. Cannot be used for audioconversion yet. Planned for next release
  • Updated - x264.exe to r1271
  • Updated - ffdshow to rev3083 (Manual Install)
  • Updated - Win7DSFilterTweaker to v1.6 (Manual Install)
Wersja 09.09.09 z 2009/09/10
  • Fixed - AssumeFPS was not used for Blu-ray input.
  • Fixed - Bitrate was to high in certain cases. Causes stuttering on players.
  • Fixed - Undersizing when choosing multiple subtitles.
  • Fixed - After setting the temp folder the path is incorrect if you didn't restart AVCHDCoder
  • Fixed - DTS-HD problem
  • Fixed - True-HD problem
  • Fixed - After 24 hours the elapsed time will be reset
  • Added - Support for 3 audiostreams
  • Added - fps display in Titlebar when encoding video
  • Added - Psy-RD and Psy-Trellis can be changed manually
  • Added - Some languages to language detections (Some people need to reconfigure the languages)
  • Upgraded - Small cosmetic upgrade
  • Upgraded - Custom output size can now be 100 MB as minimum (Instead of 1 GB)
  • Replaced/Added - Choose between 3 new Encoding profiles. (Third can be activated in the settings)
  • Updated - x264 to r1251
  • Updated - ImgBurn to
  • Updated - AVCHDCalculator to 1.1
Wersja 09.07.26 z 2009/07/28
  • ***Settings are lost. Reconfigure them in settings Tab***
  • Fixed - Language was not shown for all m2ts files
  • Fixed - back/forward slash problem ( / and )
  • Fixed - When output is 720p and subtitles are srt or ass the subtitles have the 1080p sizes.
  • Fixed - Better audio detection
  • Fixed - Inconsistent videocodec names (VC-1 and WVC1 for example)
  • Fixed - Missing AUXDATA folder (All Samsung Players need latest firmware now !!!)
  • Fixed - Bitrate indication bar was not working properly.(Incorrect bitrate)
  • Fixed - When deleting last item from disc the bitrate was not calculated again.
  • Fixed - Resize function was inside avs file when it was not neccecary
  • Fixed - Conversion crashes when no fps was found in source. (will now be set to 23.976 if no fps was found)
  • Fixed - Chapter problem
  • Fixed - DTS-ES problem
  • Fixed - Incorrect BD25 and BD50 sizes caused undersizing. Now BD25 is set to 24.7GB and BD50 to 49.4GB
  • Upgraded - New Queue tab.
  • Upgraded - Error detection.
  • Added - Log function. (For now it will not be saved on harddrive, only in AVCHDCoder itself)
  • Added - Italian language
  • Added - Blu-ray folder input (Playlist detection via eac3to). Seamless Branching Discs are supported too.
  • Added - Framerate conversion.
  • Added - Donate button to the about screen
  • Added - Move items up or down
  • Added - Right mouse menu to queue. (Move Up/Down, Delete temp files and remove option)
  • Added - Chapters will be taken from source file and they will be shown at chapters tab
  • Added - AssumeFPS(24000,1001) if fps = 23.976, AssumeFPS(30000,1001) if fps = 29.97, AssumeFPS(60000,1001) if fps = 59.94
  • Added - ConvertToYV12()
  • Added - More stream information (Progressive/interlaced indication, number of channels, duration)
  • Added - WMA9 support
  • Added - Interlaced support (No conversion to progressive video yet)
  • Added - dut and nld points to Dutch, fra and fre points to French, ger and deu points to German for Language detection
  • Added - added languages to the language selection: Bulgarian, Czech, Danisch, Greek, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Slovanian
  • Added - Shortcut to Open file. (Ctrl+O or File --> Open file...)
  • Added - Shortcut to Open folder. (Ctrl+Shift+O or File --> Open folder...)
  • Added - Shortcut to default output folder (Ctrl+U or Options --> Open default output folder)
  • Added - See bitrate before you added the item to the disc.
  • Added - Use DTSHD. Added formula. (Experimental)
  • Changed - Moved CPU priority to Options menu
  • Updated - x264.exe tot r1184
Wersja 09.06.25 z 2009/06/27
  • Fixed - Broken mds file
  • Fixed - META file didn't contain quotes which causes some files failing to extract
  • Fixed - Temp files won't be deleted correctly
  • Fixed - Skipping and jumping didn't work or didn't work smooth.
  • Added - WMVHD support (with WMA audio only, dbpoweramp and wma codec required. See manual for instructions)
  • Added - USB 4GB output
  • Added - BD-50 output
  • Added - Custom output size (250MB - 50GB)
  • Added - Support for DTS-ES 768kbps, AC3 192, 224, 256 and AC3 576 kbps
  • Updated - x264.exe to r1171
Wersja 09.06.07 z 2009/06/10
  • Changed - Joined Audio Tab, Video Tab and subtitles Tab into 1 totally new Tab
  • Changed - Joined Output Tab and Disc Tab into 1 Tab
  • Changed - Replaced Layout with "Nimbus Look And Feel"
  • Added - An installer which will place AVCHDCoder in Program Files and create shortcuts etc.
  • Added - Change cpu priority
  • Added - Pause/Resume button
  • Added - Force subtitles track #1
  • Upgraded - Up to 8 items on 1 disc for both Menu and No Menu
  • Fixed - NTSC wouldn't play disc with menu
  • Added - All supported files when choosing video file or subtitles file
  • Added - ASS subtitles support
  • Added - Polish to the list of languages
  • Added - Subtitles Preset Editor with Font and Color Chooser.
  • Added - Support for 32 subtitles streams
  • Added - Add an external subtitles file or internal subtitles stream more then once.
  • Added - Possible to give each stream another subtitles preset
  • Added - Change the order of the subtitles streams
  • Added - Drag and drop videofile and subtitles streams into the program.
  • Added - Cut-Past-Copy at Chapters settings
  • Added - PGS sup files are automaticly resized
  • Added - Folder choosers
  • Fixed - Some minor bugs
  • Updated - tsMuxeR to 1.10.6
  • Updated - ImgBurn to
  • Updated - mkvtoolnix
Wersja 4.23.1 Beta z 2009/05/05
  • Fixed - When selecting No Menu the discs wont work on ps3 due to problems with tsMuxer
  • Downgraded - ImgBurn to
  • Updated - tsMuxer to 1.9.9