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Zapoznaj się z historią programu i ostatnimi zmianami:
Wersja 6.2 build 1306 z 2010/12/16
  • added an option to shrink a huge images (they usually comes from IMDb) in Preferences
  • added: 4 nice movie card templates (Golden, Popcorn, Short and Webious). Use menu item "View-HTML templates" to select them
  • added: Enter key selects the movie from the online search results
  • added: ability to import custom fields from MS Excel
  • added: cover image previews for search
  • added: movie database import from MBase2 and EMDB
  • another fixes for tne new IMDb design, actors photo now loads fine
Wersja 6.1 build 1303 z 2010/09/16
  • added: new "Select your movie" dialog, now with cover thumbnails preview
  • added: Paste button to the batch add by barcode function
  • added: new movie card template named "Black Page". Use menu item "View-HTML template" for switching
  • fixed: problems with person's photo adding/displaying in some cases
  • fixed: several issues related to the new IMDb design
Wersja 6.0 build 1300 z 2010/07/16
  • added: network mode. You can use one shared database file from several computers at once
  • added: ability to set password for database changes. If the password set, the database opened in read-only mode by default
  • added: getting movie details from,,
  • added: displaying movie titles that hasn't cover images in the virtual shelf mode
  • added: new help file
  • added: "Get more details" option to Preferences, "Online databases" tab
  • added: an ability to download better movie plot summary from IMDb (with "Get more details" option)
  • added: "set up marks" menu item to all "personal marks" menus
  • fixed: movie details import from
  • fixed: plugin for getting movie details from
  • fixed: movie details import from
  • fixed: getting cover image from
  • fixed: movie details import from
  • fixed: movie details import from
  • fixed: import movie details from IMDb
Wersja 5.9 Build 1295 z 2010/04/20
  • added: Blu-ray support (use menu item "Movie-Add DVD/Blu-ray" to use this function)
  • added: m2ts files support
  • added: MediaInfo.dll to the instalation package
  • added: relative paths support ("Expert Options" tab in Preferences)
  • added: Blu-ray support for "Scan drive for movies..." function. Just add "m2ts" to file filter
  • added: SaveMovieCardImage to PluginAPI for saving current movie card in JPG, PNG or BMP image
  • added: "Export to image" preferences are saving separately for each HTML template
  • added: switching HTML templates in the "Export to image" function preferences
  • added: "put poster in a plastic box" option for Dune player icons in "Export to image" function
  • added: getting _full_ movie cast from IMDb
  • added: "Tools-Create catalog for Dune players" menu item
  • added: Person and Friend directory windows size and position are saved now
  • added: "Local path" field to MS Excel Export/Import functions.
  • added: "Export to image" - when file name is TVIX, the program will generate folder.jpg automatically (for TVIX player owners)
  • added: plugin to import movie details from
  • fixed: import Local path from text(CSV) bug
  • fixed: import movie details from
  • fixed: plugin for import movie details from
  • fixed: person details import from IMDb
  • fixed: some problems with thumbnails displaying while adding the movies to the empty database
Wersja 5.8 Build 1292 z 2010/02/01
  • added: Up and Down keys moves to previous/next match while cursor is in quick movie search field
  • added: Enter key pressed in the movie list is equal to double click on movie, either starts the movie playback or opens the movie card window, depending on Preferences option set
  • added: "Generate dune_folder.txt file" option to "Export to image" function for Dune mediaplayer owners
  • added: an option to display low resoultion screenshot previews while browsing to "Expert options" tab in Preferences
  • added: CTRL-Q shortcut for setting an input focus to quick locate by title field
  • added: Studio field to the list of the fields for searching the movie (by F3 key)
  • fixed: import MPAA rating from IMDb
  • fixed: import from
  • fixed: mass deletion for the persons
  • fixed: movie search by person now searches in alternative names as well
  • improved: import from
Wersja 5.7 Build 1288 z 2009/11/15
  • added: "Show New" option to "Quick Filter" menu
  • added: Batch person's details import in Names directory. Menu item "Directories-Names...", then "Names-Batch details lookup..."
  • fixed: Unseen Episode details displaying
  • fixed: movie details import from
  • fixed: movie details import from (cover images)
  • improved: updating movie details from IMDb
Wersja 5.6 z 2009/09/11
  • added an ability to export movie cards to images under Tools menu
  • added: "seen" property for episodes
  • added: personal mark dependent color highlighting for the movie thumbnails (menu "View - Cover thumbnails")
  • added: an ability to update movie details from IMDb for the selected movies only (menu "Tools-Update IMDb details")
  • added: ability to export movie screenshots to HTML with [amm:screenshot] shortcut. Refer to readme.txt file in "templates" folder for the details.
  • fixed: cover image download on Amazon
  • fixed: add DVD by barcode feature
  • fixed movie and actor details import from
  • fixed IMDb screenshots import
  • fixed "Share with friend" feature
Wersja 5.5 Build 1284 z 2009/07/06
  • added Loan history. "Menu item Tools-Loan history"
  • added an ability to add covers and screenshots from GIF and PNG files as well
  • added Rating field for Names (Actors, Directors, Scenarios)
  • added Sort Names by their Rating
  • added: new visual style named Water Color
  • added: MPAA rating import while lookup the movie by barcode on Amazon sites
  • added: "Bar code" field to the list of available fields for export to MS Excel, plain text and simple HTML table
  • added: personal marks to the list of fields available for export to Excel, plain text and HTML simple table
  • PluginAPI has been updated
  • Import by barcode has been improved
  • compatibility with KMPlayer improved
  • several Virtual Shelf issues were fixed
Wersja 5.4.1281 z 2009/04/02
  • added: new collection view mode - VIRTUAL SHELF with several predefined skins. You can change view mode in the View menu
  • added: total collection value calculation in the statistics
  • added: an ability to select a range of the episodes in the Episodes tab for deletion
  • fixed and improved: large cover images search on Amazon
  • changed: double click on the movie title or cover thubnail in the list will start the movie playback if it has "Local path" field otherwise open movie card
Wersja 5.3 z 2009/02/06
  • added: an ability to assign a video file for each episode in series. Small "Play" button will appear near episode details in the movie card if the file name is assigned.
  • added: export to PDF feature
  • added: seen and wishlist movie counters to the statistics
  • added: statistics for custom fields and personal marks - new tab in Statistics dialog
  • added: ability to switch Seen and Wishlist flags from the popup menu
  • fixed: "comments" field printing
  • fixed: "add movie from file" function
  • fixed: plugin for movie details import from
  • fixed: IMDb movie search function
  • fixed: person details import from
  • fixed and improved: import movie details from
  • fixed: Print Collection function
  • fixed: set backup folder button now works
  • some speed optimizations while building a tree ("group by" modes)
Wersja 5.1 Build 1275 z 2008/10/19
  • added: "Genres" and "Media types" items to the "Directories" menu. They were moved from Preferences to this menu
  • added: multilevel automatic backup feature
  • added: when you press Enter key in the fast movie search field they are filtered by title
  • added: AudioInfo field to the list of fields available to export to MS Excel
  • added: an option to replace underscores with spaces while taking movie title from video file
  • added: several fields has been added to the list of printable ones (custom defined fields, Total movies and MovieID)
  • added: column titles corresponding to "sort by" fields are in bold font now
  • added: "suggest a movie" feature - selects a random existing unseen movie for viewing. Menu item "Tools-Suggest a movie"
  • fixed: import movie details from function
  • fixed: search by custom fields using menu item "Tools-Movie search"
  • fixed: autocrop screenshots while capture them, no more black empty stripes now
  • fixed: minor improvements to thumbnails mode
  • fixed: selected movies export to text(CSV)
  • fixed: wrong movie select in thumbnails mode, when clicking on partially visible thumbnail
  • fixed: program locking up in Thumbnails mode when some movies has no cover images attached
  • fixed: movie number import from MS Excel
  • fixed: episode description displaying which consists of several paragraphes
  • fixed: file size and video duration summing up when adding next media using MediaInfo.dll
Wersja 4.0 Build 1231 z 2006/11/14
  • Fixed user defined field values saving
  • Fixed "Invalid floating point operation" error while some movie displayed in old style
  • Fixed incorrect MediaType dropdown box values in Search and Movie card window
  • Fixed "reopen base" bug
  • Fixed database navigation from the movie card window in treeview mode
  • Fixed - Auto assign movie number state stored in the database
  • Fixed - password protected database convertation, but you have to enter correct password for three times
  • Fixed bug with "Next movie" button in movie card window
  • Fixed Date added has wrong time but correct date. Now the time is correct too for new movies
  • Fixed minor problems in cinemovies.dll plugin