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Zapoznaj się z historią programu i ostatnimi zmianami:
Wersja 6.518 z 2010/11/11
  • Minor bug fixes as reported.
Wersja 6.517 z 2010/11/04
  • Added more BD-R LTH type media codes
  • Added Pioneer BD-R206BK drive compatibility
  • Added BD-R media information for LTH type media
  • Fixed an issue for Liteon – “iHas” drives.Liteon are not making these drives they are being made by various manufacturers depending on the country sold,which caused some mis-identification issues for some routines.
Wersja 6.514 z 2010/09/24
  • Minor bug fixes
Wersja 6.510 z 2010/08/03
  • Fixed a bug where the status area icon was not being removed.
  • Added drive information to the top of the Media Info page
  • Added compatibility for Liteon “ATAPI iHas” model drives for PIPO Scanning
  • Added test for other Liteon drives similar to IHas for PIPO scanning
  • Added compatibility for “.MBG” files from my MagicBurner program to show
  • Write graphs similar to “.IBG” already supported.
  • Changed the IBG graphing window to cater for both files type from both programs.
  • Removed specific IBG only information from the IBG graphing window to make way for the extra new file type.
  • More media codes added for media.
  • Minor bug fixes as reported.
  • Minor graphical movements and sizing of some controls.
Wersja 6.508 z 2010/06/08
  • Expanded Bluray media codes from 35 known codes to 71 known codes/speed value.
  • Added all reported DVD and bluray media codes.
  • Added MovieObject.bdmv file hex & ASCII data from bluray movies to Media Info.
  • Added When changing a drive, the status now reports media type loaded.
  • Added Media Info is now displayed in its own window instead of the main window.
  • Added percentage counter to Media Info as it can take a while on some discs.
  • Added a new media code table for BD-R LTH Media. (Low to High, Organic Dye).
  • Added detection of BD-R LTH media by media code only, until a better way is found.
  • Fixed a bug in ImgBurn graphing for bluray where RPM line was incorrect.
  • Fixed a slight graphical mis-alignment in ImgBurn graphic feature.
  • Fixed a wrong “invalid media for command” error in Media Info sometimes.
Wersja 6.505 z 2010/05/13
  • Microsoft accepted DVDInfoPro as Win7 Compatible & will publish it in their list.
  • Added version and copyright info into the installer exe.
  • Added a digital certificates as required.
  • Added a new “Installed Hardware” section to SystemInformation feature.
  • Added First PSN Drive Area to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
  • Added First PSN Defect List to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
  • Added PSN User Data Area to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
  • Added PSN Last User Data Area to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
  • Added Inner Spare Area 0 Size to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
  • Added Outer Spare Area Size to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
  • Added Inner Spare Area 1 Size to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
  • Added Volume Label under MediaInfo for discs formatted but not UDF
  • Discovered how to find the layer change point for BD-R DL and BD-RE DL.
  • Added Layer change line under Speed test for BD-R DL and BD-RE DL.
  • Added the Logical Block Address (LBA) of end of layer 0 for valid Bluray media.
  • Removed “Application id” under MediaInfo when it contains no data.
  • Fixed a graphical alignment issue under Speed Test.
  • Bug Fix. Some more Visual Studio 2010 differences causing issues.
  • Bug Fix. Fixed an anomaly in Allocated Spare Blocks if drive returns invalid data.
  • Bug Fix. Fixed an anomaly in Free Spare Blocks if drive returns invalid data.
  • Bug Fix. While PIPO scanning, inserting a disc in another drive stopped scan.
  • Bug Fix. Fixed three ASSERTS found while debugging.
  • Bug Fix. Fixed some possible buffer under-runs identified replaced deprecated functions with more secure versions.
  • Bug Fix. Fixed a buffer to small error using some BD-R DL under Media Info.
  • Bug Fix. Fixed a buffer to small error for other media under Media Info.
Wersja 6.504 z 2010/05/10
  • Minor fixes as reported by users
  • Bug fix.Using some blank –RW, +RW or BDRE could cause “Invalid Parameter”.
Wersja 6.500 z 2010/05/06
  • Converted all source code to Visual Studio C++ 2010
  • Fixed all security issues highlighted by VS 2010
  • Fixed some possible buffer overruns highlighted by VS2010
  • Updated some deprecated code
  • Bugfix.Under some circumstances changing drives would not update drive info.
  • Workaround for Plextor Blu-rays setting wrong info bits (as usual for Plextor)
  • Bugfix. The new installer was not putting the help file in the correct place.
  • Bugfix. Clicking some buttons after clicking close could cause a crash.
Wersja 6.138 z 2010/04/01
  • Correct versioning problem
  • minor bug fixes
  • add more media codes
Wersja 6.135 z 2010/03/11
  • Added "Get it Free" (via TrialPay) button to activation dialog.
  • Started work on a FLASH MEMORY size and sector tester under Tools and Utilities.
  • Fixed a bug in Activation free version failing on some Tools and Utilities
  • Fixed a bug in HDDErrorTest and similar where used space could be negative value.
  • Fixed bugs reported before build deadline,others will be fixed next build.
  • Addressed some 64 bit issues
Wersja 6.129 z 2009/11/23
  • Fixed some more issues with IBG Files and Bluray DL
  • Fixed an issue in System Information with the “CD Key” not showing in some 64 bit versions of Windows.
Wersja 6.128 z 2009/11/21
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Program enhancements
  • Fixed a bug preventing BD-R/RE DL IBG files from showing correctly
  • Fixed an intermittent possible hang in PIPO when using some LITEON drives.
Wersja 6.126 z 2009/09/03
  • Opened up the Tools and Utilities for the trial version
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor feature enhancements.
Wersja 6.123 z 2009/06/04
  • Fixed reported bugs
  • Added new media codes
  • Added new drive models
  • Some Enhancements and optimizations
  • Improvements & changes for Windows7 RC tests
Wersja 6.120 z 2009/03/16
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash on some system when using read blocks from media.
Wersja 6.100 z 2009/03/14
  • Enhanced the PIPO function to set the Start and End points to scan much easier especially for new users.
  • Changed startup window to include info on new activation free version
  • Fixed a bug in some Pioneer, AOpen and Plextor burners not starting at the correct position in PIPO custom area scanning.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements
Wersja 6.029 z 2009/03/09
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed an old bug that returned with Liteon speed not being remembered
Wersja 6.0.28 z 2009/02/13
  • Bug fixes as reported by users.
  • Add time bomb for ismail hacks, thanks to his close users who report him to us.
Wersja 6.020 z 2009/02/06
  • Fixed some minor text alignment issues
  • Fixed a bug causing some BD-ROM media to be incorrecly reported
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • As there are bugs in the Windows
  • “GlobalMemoryStatusEx” API, I have written my own class to return most of the memory information correctly in System Information. Even though MS states the bugs were fixed in W2k they are clearly not.
  • Changed the Public Beta so it does not affect any normal version that is installed.
  • Renamed the radio button “Directory” in “Compare” feature to 'Folder'
  • Enhanced the “Compare”, “Folder' feature so it now does every file in every folder inside the folder specified.
  • Enhanced the “Compare” feature to do horizontal scroll in the list window.
  • New MD5 /SHA hash of a folder (scans all files in all folders)
  • Wrote new C++ Template class to handle all arrays of any type.
  • All old fixed sized arrays have been deleted.
  • Added SHA2-384 and SHA-512 to hashing options.
  • Fixed some button position & text errors in Cmp, Speed & Error Features.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped some hard disks showing green plots in HddError test.
  • New start/end Logical Block Address in PIPO scanning
  • New “.dip” type save for new features in PIPO, newer ones Now saved as “.dipx” files.
  • Read/Write/Load/Save HDD Sectors to “Tools & Utilities”
  • New Compute MD5 hash of disc to “Tools & Utilities”
  • New Compute SHA-1 hash of disc to “Tools & Utilities”
  • New Compute SHA-224 hash of disc to “Tools & Utilities”
  • New Compute SHA-256 hash of disc to “Tools & Utilities”
  • New Compute MD5 hash of a file to “Tools & Utilities”
  • New Compute SHA-1 hash of a file to “Tools & Utilities”
  • Compute SHA-224 hash of a file to “Tools & Utilities”
  • New Compute SHA-256 hash of a file to “Tools & Utilities”
  • New Adaptor Name to network info under System Information
  • New Description to network info under System Information
  • New MAC Address to network info under System Information
  • New Gateway list to network info under System Information
  • New DHCP servers to network info under System Information
  • New WINS Primary to network info under System Information
  • New WINS Secondary to network info under System Information
  • New Lease Obtained to network info under System Information
  • New Lease Expires to network info under System Information
  • New column/row headings for hex displays
  • New Buffer Editing on “Send Custom Command” Advanced Tool
  • New double-click to edit on the new Buffer Editor.
  • New long overdue re-write of program help & documentation
  • New unlimited custom buffer size on “Send Custom Command”
  • New progress complete bar added to ‘HDD Error Test’
  • Added a help button to the PIPO Scanning function.
  • Send Custom Command” help page updated to reflect additions
  • Added “Optiarc” drives to PIPO Scan back in again.
  • Renamed ‘Advanced Commands’ to “Tools & Utilities”
  • Tools & Utilities are no longer available in trial mode
  • Improved drive support for “Read Burn Info” Advanced Tool
  • Removed all READ DVD STRUCT commands from Tools & Utilities as all of them are available via ‘Send Custom Command’
  • Removed ‘Send INQUIRY command’ from Tools & Utilities’ as it is available from “Example” in ‘Send Custom Command’
  • Re-arranged Tools & Utilities and removed some headings.
  • Drive list is now updated if a new drive appears on the system
  • Drive list is now updated if a drive disappears from the system
  • Fixed memory size indicator in System Information (MB to GB)
  • Discontinued support for all OS’s before Windows 2000
  • Discontinued support for ASPI interface. SPTI only now
  • Simplified the activation window to its bare necessities
  • Removed hard drive scanning at start-up, now optical only
  • Added hard drive scanning when ‘HDD Error Test’ is clicked
  • Changed buffer in ‘HDD Error Test’ to more optimised amounts
  • Speed up buffer size testing in ‘HDD Error Test’ considerably
  • Fixed an issue with DVD-RW media not being seen correctly
  • Fixed missing midcode in Scan function on some drives
  • Fixed and alignment glitch in “Media Info”
  • Fixed a bug where the first HDD could be missed during the scan
  • Fixed a bug preventing some CD Media being read by MediaInfo
  • Fixed a bug where if your email changed, Auto Activate may fail
  • Changed some 64bit integers to unsigned 64 bit integers
  • Checked & fixed some incorrect buffer sizes for some commands
  • Altered “Fix Associations” in settings so it also turns auto checking for associations back on again.
  • Reduced code size from 3.8MB to a little over 2MB !!
  • Reports of crashing traced to “ismail” cracks installing a virus, so ignored don’t use cracks.
Wersja z 2008/02/12
  • Fixed an intermittent flicker on the ISO Compare graph.
  • Rescaled all PIPO graphs to remove fraction on lowest scale.
  • Changed MediaInfo so the screen clears before analysing the media.
  • Added .nrg and .img as file types in Compare file requested window.
  • Fixed a bug causing Blu-ray error test to fail on some drives.
  • Fixed a bug where part of the compare graph could be left behind on the display.
  • Fixed a bug similar to above where error test could write outside of the container.
  • Fixed a bug in CRC and Compare graphs for Blu-ray, graph sizes were wrong.
Wersja z 2008/01/03
  • Reduced executable size by 318KB this is about 10%.
  • Added a function to decrypt the Windows CD Key and display under system information.
  • Added Quality Rating for Graphs 1 and 2 in Compare PIPO feature.
  • Added Jitter for Liteon PIPO scan with 1858 or later chipset,(E.G. DH-20A3P)
  • Re-wrote the PIPO graphic plotter class as I have done for all other ones, this makes the graph faster and is flicker free.
  • Re-wrote the PIPO graphic compare plotter class same as above.
  • Modified the CRC graph to no longer use bitmaps.
  • Fixed a problem with the IBG, RPM line for DL DVD Media.
  • Fixed a DVD DL scale issue in IBG graphing.
  • Fixed a IBG problem when loading a SL followed by a DL DVD.
  • Fixed the status display in System Information feature.
  • Fine tuning of new Liteon jitter routine.
  • Other small fixes.
Wersja z 2007/11/26
  • Added “DVD Download” as a media type.
  • Added “DVD Download” to QFlix detection string.
  • Added HD-DVD compatibility to RPM Speed test feature.
  • Increased RPM Speed first scale from 18x to 20x
  • Added Rotational Control option to RPM Speed feature
  • Added Speed choice option to RPM Speed Feature.
  • Added an AACS detection tick box on DriveInfo
  • Added an TSR detection tick box on DriveInfo
  • Removed “book type” display under MediaInfo for HD-DVD
  • Started incorporating the letters “HD” in the title showing support for HD drives.
  • Fixed some bugs in DVD RPM Speed test feature
  • Fixed some alignment issues in MediaInfo for HD-DVD and Blu-ray
  • Fixed a bug in IBG Graphing, where if data was ‘verify’ only it didn’t show.
  • Fixed a bug in IBG Scale coloring introduced when fixing the flicker.
  • Fixed a problem where some drives in RPM speed could stick in CLV mode.
  • Fixed a bug in RPM Speed where the “Show Speed” option did not work properly.
  • Fixed a spurious spike in the RPM line in IBG Graphing.
  • Fixed some missing Tool Tips Fixed missing icon in main dialog, preventing ALT-TAB switching
  • Fixed a bug in IBG Graphing causing odd graphs after multiple loads
  • Fixed a bug where some UDF Volume names could be blank under media info.
  • Fixed an issue with the “activation” build that caused a crash in manual Activation mode.
Wersja z 2007/10/29
  • Happy to announce SAMSUNG (TSSTcorp) PIPO parity scanning has been added.
  • Fixed a bug where the selected drive handle remained open on exit of the program.
  • Extended the new system information feature with much more CPU information.
  • Fixed a minor graphical placement on driveinfo window.
  • Fixed an issue with Blu-Ray IBG graph scaling on Dual Layer discs.
  • Fixed an issue with IBG graph CD scaling
  • Fixed an issue with some PIPO burners not being detected properly.
  • Fixed a problem with the setting of speed in PIPO scanning.
  • Added ImgBurn CD IBG file graphing.
  • Fixed missing cpu / buffer usage bug in IBG Graph.
  • Fixed an issue with IBG Graphic since update in
  • Verified IBG graph can now display properly over 18x
  • Improved the RPM feature to remove screen flicker.
  • Improved IBG graph to allow speeds over 18x
  • Removed some extraneous seek commands from parity scanning.
  • Simplified the tests for PIPO suitable drives.
  • Removed some redundant code.
  • Fixed a bug in PIPO. When PIPO is clicked when a non supported drive as current,the start button was disabled, but clicking stop would enable it.
  • Choosing start under these circumstances could cause a lock up. The Start button now remains disabled under these conditions. PIPO mode is allowed with a non supported drive so you are able to load DIP files for viewing.
  • Changed startup to render screen graphics earlier, stop the black void while scanning the BUS.
Wersja 4.641 z 2007/10/04
  • wprowadzono zmiany zwi?zane z oprogramowaniem Roxio
  • rozszerzono i poprawiono b??dy w obs?udze Blu-ray i HD-DVD
  • usuni?to b??dy w sorawdzaniu sum kontrolnych CRC w p?ytach HD
Wersja 4.54 z 2006/02/2
  • Tried to improve start-up code so the program starts a bit faster.
  • Added a new start up window that informs what is going on and the percentage to ready.
  • Added "Solid Burn" detection to Drive Info Write Features.
  • Made some changes to the UDF code to try and eliminate an intermittent versioning problem.
  • "Graph not saved" message now works properly for each of the two PIPO Graphs.
  • In PIPO the lower digital display is now saved on Start, and replaced when scan finished.
  • Added new "features and profiles" descriptor definitions.
  • Added new mode sense page descriptor definitions.
  • Added DVD+RW DL to drive info.
  • Added Layer Jump Recording to drive info.
  • Added Lightscribe to drive info.
  • Added Labelflash to drive info.
  • Fixed a bug noted on mantis when switching between PIPO graphs.
  • Fixed a typo and some minor graphical corruptions.
Wersja 3.12 z 2004/08/17
  • poprawiono szereg b??dw zwi?zanych ze skanowaniem pi/pif
  • dodano nowy „zewn?trzny interfejs” do wy?wietlania informacji o nap?dach (USB, 1394, Atapi, itp.) (tylko SPTI)
  • poprawiono b??d z rozpoznawaniem mo?liwo?ci nagrywania na p?ytach DVD+R DL, gdy w rzeczywisto?ci by? mo?liwy tylko odczyt (np. Benq DW1610).