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Zapoznaj się z historią programu i ostatnimi zmianami:
Wersja 0.72 z 2009/07/06
  • This is the first stable version of the 0.72 branch. Igor Gorbounov has completed the russian online documentation. Some minor bugs from the first release candidate have been removed.
Wersja 0.71.27 z 2009/01/24
  • Verifying RS02 images would sometimes show slightly incorrect numbers of recoverable sectors in the "Prognosis: " line. Fixed.
  • showing media info would sometimes go wild when called on empty drive. Will now report missing media correctly.
  • fixed infinite loop on disk full state
  • fixed failure on writing ecc files with now possible larger cache settings in command line mode
  • increased encoder cache size to 8GB for RS01 and RS02
  • some fine-tuning in recover-raw.c; added recognition of bad sectors whose data portion is actually good; added trivial correction by resetting the sync pattern
  • corrected a data flow anomaly and missing parentheses in heuristic-lec.c
  • Blank capacity of DVD-RAM could not be queried. Fixed.
  • Phew. English and German documentation finished.
  • fixed crash when using ancient CD-ROM drives. Thanks to mschaeff to bringing this to my attention!
  • more robust handling for incomplete/unfinalized media; should produce less dreaded "couldn't query [several possiblilities] length" errors now ;-)
  • added on-the-fly checkum verification for RS02
  • skipped color glitch in the GUI; skipped sectors would not always be marked blue in the spiral
  • reading media in multiple passes could crash on finish due to a race condition on very fast systems; fixed.
  • started support for a new missing sector marker