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Zapoznaj się z historią programu i ostatnimi zmianami:
Wersja 3.1 z 2011/03/04
  • New: Collaboration via the internet ("Networking", also has chat)
  • New: Auto-backup (never, every minute, every 5th minute, or every 15th minute - thx swedelandster)
  • New: Video player/controls/wave form can now be un-docked (e.g. for ppl for multiple monitors)
  • New: Spell check via Word (Options -> Settings:General -> Spell checker)
  • New: Edit original subtitle (Options -> Settings:General:Allow edit of original subtitle - thx for testing Luis)
  • New: Wave form control can adjust play rate (slow, normal, fast, and very fast - vlc player only)
  • New: Ability to remember the last selected line when re-opening subtitles (thx Frederic)
  • New: Now remembers video file and original subtitle (thx Luis)
  • New: Support for the subtitle format "Quicktime text" (two variations) + Scenarist + Adobe Encore
  • New: Added "Chars/sec" info to textbox in main window (thx Kerensky)
  • New: Options to choose font color and background color (for list view/text-boxes)
  • New: Can now import VobSub subtitles embedded in Matroska (.mkv) files (thx mosu for mkv info + thx hawk for testing)
  • New: Wave form position can be locked at center via new 'Center' button (thx Krystian)
  • New: Can insert (a whole) subtitle after a line in the list view via context menu
  • New: Auto-suggest line splitting with button while typing (thx Dr. Jackson)
  • New: Auto-wrap text while typing (option, thx swedelandster)
  • New: Video menu will now have a "Choose audio track" if more than one audio track exists (only when using VLC as video player)
  • New: Bulgarian translation (thx Ivo Ivanov)
  • Improved: Main window: Video player will now automatically move up beside subtitle if waveform is displayed + some resizing of controls allowed via splitters
  • Improved: Context menu for subtitle textbox now has italic, bold, underline, font name, and color
  • Improved: Updated NHunspell (spell check component) to latest version (0.9.6)
  • Improved: Synchronization Show earlier/later changed a bit, also added a shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+A)
  • Improved: Added a few buttons to 'Multiple replace' which is now re-sizable (thx sialivi)
  • Improved: Moved video controls below subtitle preview (which now displays italic)
  • Improved: Fix common ocr errors improved (thx aMvEL, sialivi, Alberto)
  • Improved: Remove text for HI can now also remove interjections (thx Dr. Jackson)
  • Improved: Start/display time changes are now undo-able (thx Luis)
  • Improved: Subtitle preview on video player now more precise (thx hawk) + uses font from Settings + bold (thx Leszek)
  • Improved: "Point sync" can now also sync using only one sync point (thx tttoan)
  • Improved: VLC media player - mouse click now toggles play/pause
  • Fixed: Wave form: Fixed unprecise (out of sync) wave form data for some sample rates
  • Fixed: Crash with wave form track bar (thx Christian)
  • Fixed: A minor bug in initialization of waveform (thx Frederic)
  • Fixed: Several bugs regarding 'large fonts' / higher dpi (thx Radbert)
  • Fixed: Memory leak in VobSub SubPicture class (thx Almogzt)
  • Fixed: A bug that froze vlc after playing to end of video
  • Fixed: Missing line break in Sony Dvd Architect w line numbers (thx Rosa)
  • Fixed: A minor bug in Visual Sync, if end scene was after video length (thx tsieberg)
  • Fixed: OCR Fix Engine: Lines after "..." will no longer be changed to start with uppercase
  • Fixed: Bug in reading of SSA files (',' was removed) - thx Pter
  • Fixed: Line breaking bug in mpl format - thx Przemek
  • Fixed: Shortcuts for adjust commands Ctrl+Space/Shift+Space/F9/F10
Wersja 3.1 RC1 z 2011/02/07
  • SE 3.1 will have better resizing options for main window incl. video controls (via splitters). Video player/wave form can be un-docked.
  • Auto-backup is a nice feature for those who don't like to lose hours of work
  • Networking mode (collaboration)
  • Can now also spell check via Word - change spell checker via Options -> Settings:General:Spell checker - might even work now ;)
  • Can now edit original sub also - see Options -> Settings:General:Allow edit of original subtitle
  • Many minor improvements and bugfixes (like support for large fonts/higher dpi)
Wersja 3.1 beta 2 z 2011/01/09
  • SE 3.1 will have better resizing options for main window incl. video controls (via splitters). Video player/wave form can be un-docked.
  • Auto-backup is a nice feature for those who don't like to loose hours of work
  • Networking mode (colloraboration)
  • Many minor improvements and bugfixes (like support for large fonts/higher dpi)
Wersja 3.0 z 2010/11/19
  • New: Wave form control with many sync/replay/creation commands (thx for feedback Kerensky)
  • New: Translator mode (Edit -> Show original subtitle, thx dr. jackson)
  • New: Added Microsoft translate
  • New: Import and OCR Blu-ray .sup files (bd sup reading is based on Java code from BDSup2Sub by 0xdeadbeef - thx)
  • New: Option to remove blank lines when opening a subtitle (thx honeybunny)
  • New: Can now read/write subtitles in the binary EBU format (thx corbin dallas/Iban)
  • New: Can now read/write subtitle Sony DVD Architecht format (thx Mark/Zedopipo)
  • New: Setting "Font name" is possible via right-click menu in list view
  • Improved: Layout changed - Translation helper + Create/adjust lines moved to main window
  • Improved: Ripping subtitles from DVD should now have correct time codes (thx JeanlDvd/DvdSubEdit + gioni666)
  • Improved: Ripping subtitles from DVD/Vobsub files now has a an option to only ocr "forced subtitles" (thx Rolf)
  • Improved: Ripping subtitles from Vobsub files now has an option to use time codes from idx file (now default)
  • Imrpoved: Upgraded Tesseract 2.x to 3.0
  • Improved: Can now retrieve and install spell check dictionaries from the internet (thx dr.jackson for idea + Jaime Olivares for zip unpack code + thx Pierre for testing)
  • Improved: "Compare subtitle" color high-lighting is now more like other compare programs
  • Improved: Fix common erors - Fix alone lowercase 'i' to 'I' now works better close to html tags (thx Chamallow)
  • Improved: Updated names list (thx Chamallow)
  • Improved: "Google translate" window is now resizable (thx Kerensky)
  • Improved: Bold/italic/font tags now work better in ssa/ass subtitles
  • Improved: Icons are now external in the "Icons" folder - you can change them easily yourself without re-compiling (thx 6205)
  • Improved: New toolbar icons from with some customization (thx 6205)
  • Bugfix: Merge short lines now works with italic tags (thx honeybunny)
  • Bugfix: Importing subtitles from Matroska files will now correctly change current encoding to UTF-8 (thx Jonathan)
  • Bugfix: Numerous fixes in "Remove text for hearing impaired" (thx sialivi, eMWu, honeybunny, aMvEL)
  • Bugfix: Tools -> Append subtitle without syncronizing (thx Les)
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug in "Spell check -> Add to names/etc list" (thx dny238)
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash in "Auto balance selected lines" (thx Jonathan)
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash in "Replace all"
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug in "time control" (thx eMWu)
  • Bugfix: Resume spell check now works better (thx Kerensky)
  • Bugfix: "Save as" now changes current subtitle format
  • Bugfix: OCR spell check - Add-to-user-dictionary now works
Wersja 2.9.3 z 2010/08/16
  • Bugfix: Spell check crash fixed - thx Chamallow :)
  • Bugfix: Point syncronization: Sync points can now be made in any order.
  • New: Romanian language added - thx Gabriel :)
  • New: French language added (not entirely completed) - thx zwim :)
  • New: Ocr via image compare can now be made right-to-left - Thx Reza :)
  • New: Create/adjust lines - a few minor improvements/fixes.
  • New: Now remembers time from "Adjust display time" + textbox is now in overwrite mode (thx Krzysztof)
  • Improved: Reads MicroDVD and MPL2 subtitles with errors better (thx Krzysztof)
  • Improved: Can now use VLC 1.1.x as Video Player (Options -> Settings -> Video Player: VLC)
  • Improved: "Remove text for hearing impaired" has several minor improvements (thx sialivi/eMWu)
  • Improved: A few fixes in "Fix overlapping time codes" (thx David)
  • Improved: The log in "Fix common errors" now works better
Wersja 2.9.2 z 2010/06/20
  • New: Spanish language file updated (thx sapin1)
  • Bugfix: Multiple Replace now remember settings (thx sialivi)
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash in "Fix common errors"
Wersja 2.9.1 z 2010/06/05
  • New: Fix common errors - Fix Spanish inverse question/exclarmation marks (thx sapin1)
  • New: Options -> Settings -> General : Auto detect ANSI encoding option (thx dny238)
  • New: File -> Import text. This will import text files without time codes and will need manual work in Tools -> Create/adjust lines
  • New: File -> Import times codes
  • New: Point syncronization. Syncronize via 2 or more points (visual or manual time code)
  • New: Can now read/write Youtube sbv files
  • Improved: Import subtitle with manual chosen encoding now has preview (thx dny238)
  • Improved: Now uses unicode font (Lucida Sans Unicode) in WinXP for music symbols
  • Improved: Better support for Polish (thx Krystian)
  • Improved: Spell check can now resume + no blinking when spell checking (thx kb-r)
  • Improved: Remember video file between dialogs
Wersja 2.9 z 2010/04/08
  • New: Can import subtitles directly from vob/ifo files (decrypted dvd)
  • New: VobSub (dvd or sub/idx) import can now do OCR via Tesseract + have kick-ass auto-correct + spellcheck while OCR'ing
  • New: Many new options like Proxy (thx Angelo), Visual sync settings, word lists settings.
  • New: Tools -> Merge short lines
  • Improved: VobSub import *completely
  • re-written (faster load + can read more files + better handling of multiple languages)
  • Improved: Fix common errors - many new fix options (mostly coded by dny238)
  • Improved: Change casing has many minor improvements
  • Improved: Compare has many minor improvements
  • Improved: Spell check has been improved and can now edit the whole line (no need for abort + start from beginning again)
  • Improved: Find dialog will now prompt for start at the beginning if the search did not start from beginning (mostly coded by dny238)
  • Improved: Replace dialog now remember last settings while running (coded by dny238)
  • Improved: Wordlists updated (many additions to Names/etc file by dny238)
  • Improved: Better detection of UTF8 encoded file (thx dny238/Angelo)
  • Improved: Save button is now available in Translation helper and Create adjust lines (thx Bavo)
  • Improved: Import of subtitles from Matroska files is now much faster (thx Dave)
  • Bugfix: Dvd Studio Pro save/load fixed (thx Manuel)
  • Bugfix: SAMI should now actually work with WMP (thx Eric)
  • Bugfix: OCR via image compare -> Edit: Now it is always possible to edit italic characters
Wersja 2.8.7 z 2010/02/01
  • New: Now available in Dutch - thx Albert :)
  • Updated: Polish language + included Polish help - thx admas :)
  • Updated: Subtitle format "BBC iPlayer" changed name to "Timed Text" and can open several different versions (thx John)
  • Bugfix: Now writes mplayer2 subs correct
  • Bugfix: Now writes SubViewer2 subs correct (thx satprem)
  • Bugfix: Now reads DVDSubtitle correct (thx satprem)
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug regarding html tags in Tools -> Change casing (thx Rob)
Wersja 2.8.6 z 2010/01/15
  • Now available in Spanish - thx Daro Hereñ :)
  • Bugfix: Fixed detection of unicode formats when loading subtitles (thx Joel Withun)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when trying to load an unknown subtitle type
  • Bugfix: Setting a font name for subtitle text now actually works (thx Contardi Angelo)
Wersja 2.8.5 z 2009/12/20
  • Now available in Italian - thx Angelo Contardi :)
  • Many minor bugfixes/improvements (thx Angelo Contardi)
  • Bugfix: Video player no longer crashes if audio is unavailable (thx ThaNerd)
  • New auto-break/unbreak selected lines functions (right-click in listview)
  • New multiple replace function in the edit menu (thx Abel)
  • Change casing - Name casing fixing improved with preview and better control
  • Dictionary used for Change casing/Spellcheck updated (thx Chamallow/Abel)
  • New setting for how to display line breaks in listview (thx Abel)
Wersja 2.8.4 z 2009/12/02
  • Fixed bug with MicroDVD and "Show earlier/later" (thx Reza)
  • New: Tools -> Fix common errors: Fix '1' in words action added (thx Alberto)
  • Compare function added
  • Improved: Tools -> Remove text for hear impaired
Wersja 2.8.3 z 2009/11/18
  • Subtitle Edit is now translatable (use the English language file as base)
  • Fixed crash in OCR via image compare when shinking an expanded selection (thx Christian)
  • Opening files larger than 10 mb will require confirmation (thx Vinko)
  • Improved Tools -> Fix common errors yet again (thx Christian)
  • Improved Tools -> Change casing (thx Christian)
Wersja 2.8.2 z 2009/10/22
  • Fixed crash (bug introduced in 2.8.1) when opening mp4 files (thx gioni666)
  • New option to remember main window position and size (thx Robert)
  • New:Tools -> Sort by added
  • Improved Remove text for hearimpared: preview + work multilines and more tags
  • Improved some functions in Tools -> Fix common errors
  • Can now read/write BBC iPlayer subtitle format
  • OCR via image compare: Added option to expand selection
Wersja 2.8.1 Build 36677 z 2009/10/01
  • Stability: Now uses DirectShow via quartz.dll as default video player (thx for testing Guzippi, Christian)
  • Bugfix: Adjust display time now works properly (thx Jonathan)
  • Bugfix: Now saves SSA subtitles correctly (thx starsky)
  • Bugfix: MicroDvd line breaks should work properly now
  • A few improvements to Tools -> Fix common errors
Wersja 2.8 Build 15048 z 2009/09/07
  • Bugfix: Drag'n'drop with large files would freeze SE for a long time (thx Jonathan)
  • Shortcuts added: Check 'em out (thx soon)
  • Fix common errors: Redesigned to allow the user to control if each fix should be applied, and better overview
  • Fix commen errors: New option to remove blanks before a comma
  • Now asks about keeping changes in Translation helper and Create/add texts and Visual Sync when closing form
  • Visual sync now also fixes overlapping lines
  • Visual sync now has a "Play 1 sec and back" button for verifying (thx Andrew)
  • Selected lines: Adjust display time + Change casing
  • Added spell check "Use always" button (for a suggestion)
  • Added Tools -> Find double words (F3 is find next double word)
  • Import vobsub: Manual regoniction now has an italic checkbox (thx Richard)
  • Spell check component updated
Wersja 2.7 Build 34165 z 2009/09/01
  • Bugfix: Visual Sync now works with frame based subtitles like MicroDVD (thx Eliad)
  • Bugfix: Translation Helper - after pressing ok + change line selected text was forgot
  • Subtitle lines listview right-click/context menu - Visual Sync/Google translate selected lines/show earlier or later/merge two lines
  • Selected subtitle lines are now remembered most places
  • Selecting many lines in subtitle lines listview was slow - fixed
  • Google translate - fixed bug regarding right-to-left languages
  • Translation helper - can now load original text from external file
  • Ask before overwriting a subtitle that has been modified on disk since load
Wersja 2.6 Build 16721 z 2009/06/27
  • Bug fixed: Create/add lines - first line always was set to start at 00:00:00,000.
  • Spell check: "Change all" button added.
  • New: Fix - Capitalize first letter after a line that ends with ".!?".
  • Updated spell checking component.
Wersja 2.5 Build 24342 z 2009/06/12
  • Bug fixed in split subtitle.
  • Improved reading of badly formatted SubRip (.srt) subtitles.
  • VobSub ocr via image comare: Added detection for cursive, added Edit, and pixels required for space is now editable.
  • Fixed media player (re-)size issues (theme issue).
  • Support for the MPlayer2 subtitles (mpl).
  • And more minor UI stuff.
Wersja 2.4 Build 19350 z 2009/05/12
  • New: VobSub sub/idx import and ocr
  • Bug fix: MicroDvd loading
  • New: Framerate converting tool added
  • Bug fix: Undo now remembers subtitle format
Wersja 2.3 Build 33831 z 2009/05/05
  • Can now change casing for a whole subtitle file and spell check component updated.