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Optiarc AD-5290S Plus-English


The return of Optiarc to the optical drive market was a big surprise for us, and at the same time a pleasant surprise.  Even more so, since the company has long since been completely dissolved and all technical, design and production divisions have been liquidated.  The purchaser of the Optiarc brand is VinPower, the market leader in archiving technology.  After a successful re-launch of the Plextor brand, the company has now launched three new Optiarc models and has announced the re-launch of the Japanese PioData brand.

The Optiarc AD-5290S and AD-5290S Plus \ Robot models are based on the PLDS DH24AFSH hardware design:

  • The AD-5290S is based on DH24AFSH hardware = MT1862N chipset + mechanical, and OPU LiteSpice LO-DWH02B.
  • The AD-5290S Plus \ Robot models are based on DH24AFSH PLUS hardware = MediaTek MT1862N + Mechanical, and OPU Lite LO-DWH02BV.  This is the same hardware as in the Plextor PX-891SAF Plus and LiteOn DH16AFSH Premium.

The use of the PLUS hardware extends the capabilities of the Plus and Robot drives, including CD-R @ 8x, DVD- + R @ 4x, and overburning for DVD + R DL to 8.14GB \ 8334 MB.

The Optiarc AD-5290S \ AD-5290S Plus are designed to work with computers and duplicators, while the Optiarc AD-5290S Robot is available for ROBOT devices - enabling one to burn and print on printable discs.

Thanks to Nowe Media \ VinPower Europe and Mr. Krzysztof, we have received the first and only Optiarc AD-5290S Plus test sample in Europe. I thank all of them very much for that. Also, I would like to extend a big thank you for the great help, support and work done by the co-author of this test - @jadburner. Thank you very much for all your help and work !




We received the OEM version of the drive. The second test drive was purchased by @jadburner in the U.S.A.

The drives used for the tests were loaded with firmware versions 1.R9 and 1.RZ. At the time of testing, there were no firmware updates available on the manufacturer's website.

Technical specs (according to the manufacturer):



On the front panel are the tray eject button, and the emergency eject hole.  The one-color LED, which signals the operation of the device, lights up in green.



On the back panel is a set of sockets for SATA: signal and power.


On the upper and middle housing, two information labels are located.





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