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For the first time, we have decided to jointly test "twins", i.e., two LG Blu-ray drives that are technically identical, have the same software, and the same external appearance with manufacturer's logo.

The first test model is the latest, basic version from HLDS (Hardware NS50), the LG BH-16NS55, available in both domestic and European markets.  This recorder debuted in January 2016 and has since been systematically tested in Poland, with the results published in our forum.

I would also like to thank the co-author @jadburner for the great help and support for this test.  Thank you very much for all your help and work. !!!!!!


The second drive we tested is a Vinpower model developed in cooperation with HLDS.  This is a modified version of the base model, the WH16NS58DUP \ DQ.  This drive has been developed for use in mass duplication of optical media, i.e., in duplexers and printers.  In its advertising, Vinpower claims that its WH16NS58 has been designed to provide better recording performance and thus a longer lifetime for discs created on dedicated archiving media.VinPower’s WH16NS58 can copy and burn all types of BD-R (25 GB, 50 GB, 100 GB, 128 GB BDXL) and CD \ DVD.  The WH16NS58DUP offers a number of improvements, such as improved recording stability, and greater compatibility with the broad spectrum of Blu-ray, DVD and CD media than the original model.  In addition, the selected models offer improved, longer disc trays for compatibility with autoloaders, as well as tools and programs for quality testing of BluRay and DVD recordable media not available for the LG BH16NS55 \ 58 factory versions.  VinPower also provides a higher quality mechanical system, thus increasing the service life of the device under severe operating conditions.The tested drives are OEM versions.  The drives used in the test used firmware verisons 1.00, 1.V1 and TST4.  At the time of testing there were no firmware updates available on the manufacturer's website.

The HLDS NS50 \ 51 \ 55 \ 58 hardware is identical: Mediatek MT1959 HWDN chipset and the Hitachi HOP-B711 OPU.


Technical specifications and additional functions (according to the manufacturer):


On the front panel are the tray eject button, the eject tray, and the emergency eject hole.  A single color LED lights up in blue.



On the rear side, there is a set of SATA connectors: signal and power.


 Two labels are located on the upper and middle housing



The LG BH16NS55 includes OEM Media Suite 10 software, which includes basic versions of PowerDVD 12, Power2Go 8, PowerProducer 6 and MediaShow 6.





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