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Zapoznaj się z historią programu i ostatnimi zmianami:
Wersja exp z 2010/08/04
  • This installer has multiple MPlayer builds available, as opposed to just one:
  • Generic (Utilizes runtime CPU detection) FFmpeg-mt, multithreaded builds for both AMD and Intel processors to take advantage of more than one core.
  • This installer is also experimental, may be buggy. Please provide feedback to the following thread: to iron out any bugs or improve the installer.
Wersja z 2010/01/18
  • This is the multithreaded version of mplayer, which could improve performance of HD videos on multi-core processors
Wersja 0.6.8 z 2009/07/24
  • Added support for TV (more info in Watching_TV.txt).
  • New option to enable a global volume.
  • (Linux) Support for vdpau.
  • New option to take consecutive screenshots.
  • Possibility to add some of the submenus to the toolbars.
  • Better support for *.ts files (requires mplayer >= r29381).
  • Added the Vietnamese translation.
  • Added the Estonian translation.
  • (Windows) New options to try to disable the screensaver.
Wersja 0.6.7 z 2009/03/11
  • Added experimental (and uncomplete) support for dvd menus. Requires a mplayer build compiled with dvdnav support. Please read dvdmenus.txt to know how to enable it.
  • Now loading an external subtitle file doesn't require to restart the mplayer process (except for idx/sub subtitles).
  • (Playlist) When a file is added to the playlist, if it was already in the list, it's moved to the end of the list.
  • Options for mplayer: finally spaces in arguments between quotes are handled properly.
  • Added two options (in the audio and subtitle menus) to allow the user to enter the audio and subtitle delay (in milliseconds).
  • (ASS subtitles) The outline and shadow options now accept values with decimals.
  • (ASS subtitles) Possibility to change the color of the border and shadow.
  • Now the default value for the "correct pts" option is auto.
  • (Windows) Now the screensaver is allowed to turn on if the file is paused or it's an audio file.
  • (Windows) The direct3d video output is now the default for Windows Vista
Wersja 0.6.6 z 2009/01/04
  • Added an option to generate a preview (thumbnails) of the video.
  • Added a new gui (mpcgui, a media player classic clone) developed by Matthias Petri.
  • Added some auto zoom options, to display the video without black borders.
  • Implemented a new (and optional) method to save the file settings. This method uses an ini file per each played file. It's faster than the old one.
  • Added a new option in Preferences->Video: add black borders on fullscreen. If this option is enabled, black borders will be added to the image in fullscreen mode. This allows subtitles to be displayed on the black borders.
  • Increased the resolution of the seekbar. Allows a more accurate seeking.
  • Added 3 modes for the stay on top option: always, never and while playing.
  • Added a history to the open URL dialog.
  • Added new action to cycle through all aspect ratios. Assigned by default to key "A".
  • It's possible to run some specified actions every time a file is loaded.
  • Possibility to set up a proxy for internet connections (used for subtitle downloading).
Wersja z 2008/11/1
  • the portable version didn't compile
  • mplayer could fail in the first run, complaining about an unknown -no-correct-pts option. This only happens if using a recent version of mplayer (r26842 or above).
Wersja 0.6.1 z 2008/06/02
  • Now compact mode resizes the window, instead of leaving black borders.
  • Added an option in Preferences->Interface which allows the user to select his/her preferred GUI. This way it's easier to use the mini GUI, for those who prefer a simpler interface with few buttons.
  • One more fix for Qt 4.4. The option FAQ in the Help menu didn't work.
  • (Windows) Fix: zoom didn't work well (black blocks appeared) if using directx.
  • Added the Catalan translation.
Wersja 0.6.0 z 2008/05/15
  • (Bugfix) Two mplayer processes were run when opening a file. This could even make Aero in Windows Vista to be disabled.
  • Seeking with the time slider works much better.
  • Now it's possible to add directories recursively to the playlist.
  • Added a preferences dialog for the playlist.
  • The right mouse button can be configured.
  • (Linux) File managers should now display an option to enqueue files in the smplayer playlist.
  • (Fix) The playlist was shown for a small moment on startup. This caused problems if using compiz, as the window might not hide.
  • Fix for Qt 4.4, the logo didn't show.
  • Some translations have been updated (Simplified-Chinese, Italian, Ukrainian, Dutch, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and German)
  • Now the file Install.txt contains updated info about how to compile and install smplayer.